Nocona Western Boots

Founded in 1925 by Miss Enid Justin, her goal was to take on her father’s dream and tradition of crafting quality western boots for both men and women. Her father, H.J. “Daddy Joe” Justin started his small business like so many who live the American dream — not much money, but a lot of hard work and sweat. He saved up enough money to make his first pair of cowboy boots, which he sold and that enabled him to make even more. The brand name for their hand-crafted boot is Nocona from Nocana, Texas where “Daddy Joe” set up shop. The Nocana name is well known in the Western Wear industry and has long been a family owned business. Over the years, the quality of the Nocana name has stood the test of time. They still have a name as a quality bootmaker for cowboys and cowgirls across America and the world. At El Rodeo, we are proud to carry this name and back it up with our 100% guarantee. You can buy your men and women’s cowboy boots with confidence!

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